Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Temporary Leave of Absence

Hi everyone, the last couple of weeks have been ridiculously hectic and I really haven't the time nor the energy to update the blog. And from the looks of things, the schedule seems to be on track until at least early August. So in short, I wouldn't have the time to continue blogging and posting as consistantly as before. That said, I'll still be squeezing in time to catch the games and hopefully celebrate number 20 in a few weeks time.

And since I'm on, I'll do a few quick thoughts on the games that I've missed.

5th March Manchester United 1 - Real Madrid 2
This one just broke the hearts. To lose the way we did via a dubious and, quite frankly, bias decision by the referee was a hard one to swallow. The words incompetent and fixed come to mind and UEFA coming out in support for the referee was another hard pill to swallow. They could have just kept quiet but they didn't.

I wonder is Qatar's Dream League project is still on the cards. Given the way we've been treated by UEFA and the fuckwits that run the system, maybe a threat to break away with the other big boys in the other leagues might give them a wake up call, afterall we're the cashcows they've been milking for god knows how long.

Too bad United has previously come out to reject the idea outright. Might wanna reconsider it now that UEFA has shown it's ugly and filthy hand.

10th March Manchester United 2 - Chelsea 2
How we drew this one was bewildering. We raced into an early 2 goal cushion and stopped playing after that. We allowed Chelsea to come at us at will, and they did. The midweek game against Real could have played on our minds, but for a team of our stature, this was just unforgiveable, to let a two goal lead slip.

To make matters worst, we were holding on for dear lives at the end of the game.

16th March Manchester United 1 - Reading 0
Pretty much routine win, although Reading did trouble us. Holding on to a single goal lead is almost always not preferred, but our defense has been keeping clean sheets in the league.

30th March Sunderland 0 - Manchester United 1
Even more routine win. Sunderland are hopeless and I really hope this bunch of no-hopers somehow get relegated. I don't think I've seen a Martin O'Neil team play this lifelessly before. Just a shameful shameful performance by the home team.

BTW, Martin O'Neil was sacked just after the game. Sunderland just didn't deserve him. I think I'll celebrate their relegation more than us winning the league. Bunch of pussies, pun fully intended.

1st April Chealsea 1 - Manchester United 0
We didn't do the job in the first leg and were deservedly dumped by a brilliant goal from Ba. Sure we played just 48hrs before, but so did Chelsea. This was a dull, drab affair.

I think we only had 3 shots on goal, and that is really not acceptable for a team that's supposedly going to win the league. This game exposes just how poor our midfield is. The only consolation is that we're probably still going to win the league, but after last season, I'm not counting my chickens.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Jesus F Christ! We got robbed!!

What a terrible decision by a fucking useless referee. I'm shellshocked by the decision which changed the entire complexion of the game. We were a goal up, and in complete control until that mad man flashed his card at Nani. Just fucking unbelievable.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Kagawa Takes Centre Stage

Manchester United 4 - Norwich 0
Manchester United: Kagawa (45, 76, 87), Rooney (90)

Team: De Gea, Vidic, Evans, Smalling, Evra, Carrick, Anderson (Cleveley 74), Valencia, Kagawa, Rooney, Van Persie (Welbeck 66)

We didn't play particularly well but what's important is that we got the result. And just like last week, we move 15 clear of Shitty, as the number of games start to become an issue for an unlikely come back.

We didn't pass the ball well and it seems for a good period of the entire game, the lads' focus was on the upcoming Champions League game against Real Madrid. The passing was lacklustre and there was very little energy shown on the pitch. The only thing that worked in our favour was that Norwich seems equally uninterested in the game.

The first half was practically a non-event. Come to think of it, other than the 4 goals, the entire game was a non-event. Not trying to short-change Kagawa's achievement, but the game seems like an appetizer for the main course on Wednesday. Even the crowd seemed muted.

Even the goals had a sense of nonchalance about them. For the first two goals, Kagawa wrong-footed the keeper and with the third, he lifted it easily over Bunn. Rooney's long distance shot was the icing to the result.

Hell, there's such a sense of anticipation for the Champions League game that even I'm getting restless writing this entry.

So for what it's worth, despite some really terrible football, 3 players stood out.

- Evans for having a terrible first touch that should be punished over and over again. As much as he's been called upon due to injuries, there are times, like today, he looks like a walking calamity waiting to happen.

- Kagawa for his hattrick. I wasn't his biggest fan when he arrived. I was rooting for Gotze, who in my opinion is Dortmund's best player, but I'm genuinely happy for Kagawa. Pride of Asia, I suppose.

- Rooney for just being United. His two assists to Kagawa was just good football and unselfish play, especially for the second goal which he could have taken himself. Instead he slid it to Kagawa for an easy pass into the net.

And if we beat Real on Wednesday, it seems likely that the treble might....might just happen. With Barcelona one foot out of the competition, our other big rival is Bayer Munich, who are very much beatable. They are so far ahead of the Bundesliga that their intensity might just not be at the peak, although the same can be said of us.

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